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I’m here for you if:

  • You really want to make changes to any habits, actions or behaviors that you feel are holding you back

  • You want to move from a ‘surviving’ status to a ‘thriving’ one

  • You are ready to make positive change in your life

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Hypnotherapy, RTT & Coaching

As mentioned, Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that can help you regain control. It can help change negative behaviours, break those restricting habits and change those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back thus allowing you to start reaching your full potential. 

Let’s start at your subconscious. This is how we are all wired and helps us function on a day to day basis. It is where your inner resources establishes patterns of behaviour. Some good, some bad and some unhealthy. But this is also where we can establish new patterns of behaviour to promote positive changes such as stopping smoking, control overeating, reduce anxiety, have control over phobias, and break destructive habits. 

Hypnosis is the tool used for accessing the subconscious mind. By creating a ‘heightened state of awareness’ through deep relaxation methods, the subconscious mind becomes open to accept beneficial suggestions that help promote positive change. 

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RTT  - How does it work?

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a powerful formula to transform people’s lives FAST.


A pioneering method developed by the award winning Marisa Peer that has proven to help achieve outstanding, effective and lasting results by identifying and focusing on the root cause of any potential issue. Once we understand the root cause, we use specific methods and techniques to powerfully remove them, leaving the client not only free from pain and suffering, but also giving them the opportunity to grow and achieve their goals.

Find out more about the services I offer

My Approach

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?


She is lovely RTT Hypnotherapist. I fully recommend her!🙌🙌🙌I feel so much better after the session she really did tap into my deepest fears and emotions. I would be forever grateful I had a session with her! She gave me the power of understanding and closure. Thank you Fiona you are an angel

Luz Surco

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