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Transform to reach your true potential

Want to improve? But have you ever felt like you just haven’t quite unlocked your full potential yet? Do you have any inhibiting factors that you need to be free of? Or have you repeatedly tried and failed to kick that habit / lose that weight / overcome that fear? 

Have you ever considered hypnotherapy as a solution? 


Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that can help you regain control back over areas that you feel you have little or no control over. It can help change negative behaviours, break those restricting habits and change those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

Have you ever considered coaching as a solution?

Whilst therapy delves into the past, coaching helps us orientate our goals and focuses on the present and what we want to bring into our future. By aligning our values and implementing strategies, we can create a better tomorrow to live in.

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I'm Fiona Latif

‘I have found I have always had a passion in the psyche of the mind and a curiosity with how peoples overall mindsets influence their behaviour into positive and negative actions and reactions’

Having successfully established a Hypnotherapy practice in London in 2012, Fiona has also been a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist and has had many successes across a range of clients’ issues.

Fiona is dedicated to using an integrative approach through traditional and solutions focused hypnotherapy techniques, and now with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), she is able to share her expertise and knowledge through to her clients.

RTT is a pioneering method developed by the world-renowned Marisa Peer, that’s has proven to help achieve outstanding, effective and lasting results.

Through the teachings of the Conscious Parenting Method Certification Programme (CPMCP) we use the applications of western psychologies and eastern philosophies to navigate our own emotional legacies and patterns, and understand how that impacts our relationships with our children, ourselves and the people around us.

These innovative approaches are designed to empower clients to move forward with the changes that they wish to make and to help clients ‘Transform to Reach Their True Potential’.

Fiona Latif - Dip Hyp CS MHS (dist) - is a graduate of the Chrysalis Institution and has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills awarded with Distinction in 2012.

She is a professional member of the National Hypnotherapy Society which is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council UK (GHSC).

Fiona Latif has been certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Marisa Peer RTT Method and is part of the Alumni.

You can find Fiona Latif registered on the National Hypnotherapy-Directory in the UK and Find A Therapist (RTT) and as a Certified CPMCP Coach at

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I'm Fiona
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“Amazing thank you Fiona!! I reached out to Fiona to help me with some limiting behavior and beliefs that I had which just keep holding me back from reaching my goals and changing my career path... after my sessions with Fiona and the amazing personalized transformation recording she did for me, I feel so different and no longer have the limiting beliefs. I am now putting In the work and enjoying it, which is needed for my change of career. Thank you Fiona!”

Bernice Rowat-Davies


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